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Facebook and Instagram Ads

Membership Program

  • Skyrocket sales performance by up to 400%
  • Prevent all the mistakes that every Facebook beginner makes (before you make them)
  • Uncover the critical strategies used by large corporations (even if you’re starting out)

Led by Mario Simon

$99 per month

Normally 129 per month. For a Limited Time Only.

Program Includes

– 25+ hours on-demand video
– 56 articles
– Downloadable resources
NEW Facebook group membership
– Certificate of Graduation


– No experience required
– Suitable for all types of businesses (eCommerce, Lead Generation, Affiliate Marketing, B2B and B2C)

Facebook Ad Buyer Training Program

If you’re spending money on Facebook and Instagram ads but Ads Manager has left you feeling frustrated, then this program is for you.

This Facebook Ads program offers you the opportunity to master Facebook Ad Buyer’s skills highly valued by business oweners, start-ups and top corporate employers.

The Best Advertising Community

Facebook is rolling out new features weekly. The problem with traditional courses is that they quickly become outdated, but not for our members.

Join our private group with all of our members so you can get answers to your questions, participate in polls, network with other members in the same industry and so much more all from the comfort of your laptop or smart phone.

I just want to say this is the best Facebook Ads course.

Mario has surpassed my expectations and has saved us time, money and frustration. His knowledge, passion and natural ability to break down complex information into simple terms has been absolutely priceless.

Jacinta Cipolla
Sales & Marketing Manager
Sofitel, Accor Hotels

Membership Program Curriculum


Help us serve you better
Meet the worlds best advertising community

Business Manager

What is Facebook Business Manager
How to open a Business Manager Account
Use Business Managers Foolproof Setup Guide
How to create a NEW an Ad Account
How To Import/Request Access to an Ad Account in Business Manager
How to Import Your Instagram Account Into Business Manager
How To Setup Billing Information Correctly
How To Setup Your Payment Information
How To Manage Your Notification on Facebook, Email and Messenger App
How To Invite a Partner to Your Assets
Our 10 Step Setup Checklist

New Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel Overview
How to Setup the Facebook Pixel
How to Check The Pixel Is Working Correctly
How to Turn on first-party cookie option for ads

Ad Formats

Creative Hub Walkthrough of Ad Formats
Link, Story and Messenger Ad Formats
Videos, Photo & Likes Ad Formats
Lead Form Ad Format
DPAs, Carousel, Canvas and Collection Ad Formats
Mobile and Desktop Apps Install
Store Visits, Event and Offer Ad Formats


Audience Fundamentals
Audience Types
Before purchase Touch Points
Exercise: Your Most Frequent Touch Points On The Client’s Journey
Audience Insights
How to Avoid The Audience Guessing Dilemma
Audience Insights Walkthrough
Researching A Facebook Audience Worksheet
Performance Triangle

Creating Audiences

Creating Audiences
How to Create Facebook Audiences
Saved Audiences
Custom Audiences
Lookalike Audiences & Challenges
How to narrow your audience
Managing Privacy

Ad Campaigns

Ads Manager & Campaign Structures
Placements, Device Types, Exclude Content and Publishers
Budgets & Schedule
Ad Delivery Optimisation & Bidding Strategies

Reporting & Optimising

Facebook Ads Reporting in the Ads Manager
Advanced reporting With Campaign Breakdown
How To Measure And Evaluate Your Campaign Results?
Delivery Insights
Frequency Caps
Facebook Ads Manager for Excel (Office Add-on)

Facebook Support

Advertiser Support Team
Support Inbox
How to request Review of Disabled Business Account

What Others Are Saying

“Mario helped Oktoberfest Brisbane’s paid channels across Facebook. We’ve maximized our budget both years, and in 2016 beat all of the 2015’s digital metrics! As a result, our team has grown and we continue to work with Damn Good Academy”

“I just want to say this is the best Facebook Ads course. Mario has surpassed my expectations and has saved us time & money. His natural ability to break down complex information into simple terms has been absolutely priceless.”

“I’m literally getting the best Facebook ad strategies before everyone else, plus I feel fully supported with real-world experience. Sooo much value, loving it!”

Meet Your Instructor

Mario is the Founder and Head of Growth at Damn Good Academy. Prior, Mario held leadership positions at high-growth companies, including Trilby Misso Lawyers, BDO Australia, Slater and Gordon Lawyers, and MYER Online.

Mario has over 10 years international marketing experience with 5 years serving clients in creative agencies and 5 years leading marketing teams in multi-national corporations.

He is a passionate advocate for the transformative properties of digital marketing for both business and communities.

Brands Mario has worked with

Gain real-world strategies

Powerful tools for eCommerce, Lead Generation and Affiliate Marketing.

  • 25+ on-demand videos and 56+ lessons
    $5000 value Learn everything from getting started with custom audiences to advanced post-purchase and upsell retargeting strategies.
  • Private Members Group
    $2000 value Network with other Facebook™ advertisers. Help each other and get questions answered.
  • Take a leap forward
    Take a leap in the right direction with one of the most important advertising mediums today with this comprehensive Facebook ads ad buyers memebership program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for beginners or advanced ad buyers?
The best part of the membership program is that it has so much video content and expert advice on every area and level of Facebook and Instagram ads that it provides incredible value for both beginners and advanced advertisers. The membership program is not explicitly focused on beginner or advanced levels. Instead, it is for those who are serious about being profitable, beating KPIs and providing real value. This membership is best suited for those who are committed and dedicated to running profitable ad campaigns.

Is this for eCommerce or Lead Gen type businesses?
The training is for both e-commerce, lead generation and affiliate marketing business models.

We are B2B (business-to-business), will Facebook Ads work for us? 
Absolutely, we’ve identified low-competition and high interest for B2B businesses on Facebook, but the strategy is very different from eCommerce for example. It has worked for finance, legal, architects, technology, and business conferences.

How long does it take to complete?
The program is a blend between training, community and coaching. However, the training section depends on your learning style and your availability. Everything is designed for very busy people, so it is concise and actionable. You will find that you are continually learning new strategies and tools as we keep pace with Facebook’s ever-evolving ad platform.

What if I feel overwhelmed from all of the material?
If you feel overwhelmed this is normal at times. Our brains can only take on so much before it is overloaded. The good news is that you have the private members group where you can talk through any issue and get support.

Can I access my content everywhere?
Yes, as long as you have an internet connection you can access it anywhere on mobile, tablet and desktop.

What is your cancellation/refund policy?
The Facebook and Instagram Ads Membership Program is a low-cost subscription service that grants you access to everything as long as you’re paying. Due to the large time investment we give to the program, we do not offer any refunds on this program. If you are ever interested in cancelling you can at any time. Cancel via the portal or you can reach out to our support team. Cancellation is not pro-rata.

Do I need to have a social media or marketing background?
No, anyone who owns a business or is responsible for running and growing a business can do our program. A background in marketing & sales is not required. All that is needed is the willingness to grow.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We are proud to have partnered with PayPal and Stripe Payments. That means all credit and debit cards of Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, Discover etc. are accepted.

Petra Zink Impaccct, Director

“I’m literally getting the best Facebook Ad strategies before everyone else, plus I feel fully supported with real-world experience. Sooo much value, loving it!”

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